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Industry Type: Alternative Energy 
Project Description:  Commercial Biomass Gasification Facility 
Disciplines Involved:  Owner's Engineering

ProU has been retained by Rentech, Inc. as "Owner's Engineer" for the Rialto Renewable Energy Center located 50 miles east of Los Angeles, California. The Rialto Project, which will use green urban waste as feedstock, is expected to be the first commercial biomass gasification facility in the United States that will co-produce renewable electric power and synthetic diesel fuel.

The Rialto Project is designed to produce about 35 MW of base-load renewable electricity (enough energy to power approximately 30,000 homes) and 640 barrels-per-day of renewable, ultra-clean synthetic fuels from urban woody green waste, such as yard and tree trimmings. The life-cycle carbon footprint of the fuels and power is expected to be near zero, and the renewal power meets the requirements of California's Renewable Portfolio Standard.

ProU as Owner Engineer, will assist Rentech in oversight of engineering, procurement, and construction of the Rialto Project. Currently ProU is supporting the front-end engineering and design  (FEED) phase being executed by Flour Corporation.



Biomass Steam Generation Plant

Industry Type: Alternative Energy 
Project Description:  Steam Generation from Waste Biomass
Disciplines Involved:  Mechanical, Electrical and Structural Engineering

ProU conducted preliminary engineering for a biomass-fired steam generation plant to supply steam for enhanced oil recovery.  ProU first developed the MFD to receive, screen, stack/reclaim and combust 2500 tons of biomass per day. The combustion process incorporated 10 modular units each transferring 80 MMBtu/hour.

After the MFD was finalized, Processes Unlimited completed the preliminary equipment sizing that included truck tippers, walking floor receivers, metal removal, screening, conveying, dust collection, transformers, breakers, motor starters, and VFD’s. ProU was a key player in developing the heat train, which is the proprietary combustion process used in the steam plant. Lastly, ProU developed an AACE Class 3 Cost Estimate and designed the pilot plant.

Key Project Responsibilities and Skills

  • Process Flow Diagram
  • P&ID
  • One-line Diagram
  • Preliminary Electrical and Mechanical Equipment Design
  • 3D General Arrangement Drawing
  • AACE Class 3 Cost Estimate

Geothermal Steamboat

Industry Type: Geothermal 
Project Description:  Steamboat Geothermal Power Project; Rotoflow Radial Inflow Turbine
Disciplines Involved:  Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation, and Controls

Processes Unlimited International, Inc. (Legacy Ben Holt Company Staff) was the engineer and start-up manager for the turnkey design, procurement, construction and start-up of a 30 MW air-cooled binary cycle geothermal power plant and gathering system.

The project is unique because it included the only known area of the Steamboat Buckwheat, a federal endangered species, and its geothermal production wells were pumped. Extensive work was required to protect the plant and its location, which had a major impact on the layout of the gathering and injection system.

Key Project Responsibilities and Skills

  • Environmental Impact Study
  • Construction Management
  • Turnkey Design and Engineering


Power Station Woodyard

Industry Type: Alternative Energy 
Project Description:  Power Station Woodyard 
Disciplines Involved:  Mechanical, Structural, Instrumentation, Controls

Processes Unlimited (legacy Dean Oliver) was contracted to design, engineer, start-up and commission the complete woodyard system.  This includes receiving, handling, storage, reclaim, and delivery of wood chips to the new boiler storage bins. ProU contracted to specify, bid and select the process equipment which includes weigh scales, truck dumpers, wood hogs and screens, all conveyors, and stack-out and reclaim equipment.

Key Project Responsibilities and Skills

  • Foundations for Buildings and Equipment
  • Structural Steel Design
  • Programming (PLC & HMI)
  • Underground Utilities
  • Electrical Power Distribution and Controls


Africa Biomass

Industry Type: Biomass   
Project Description:  Steam Generation from Waste Biomass
Disciplines Involved:  Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering

ProU conducted a feasibility study to supply steam to a pulp mill in Africa. Processes Unlimited completed a feasibility study for a previous client to supply superheated process/electrical generation steam to a pulp mill located in Mhlambanyati, Kingdom of Swaziland, Africa.  The project included a preliminary Plot Plan integrating the steam plant into the existing pulp plant, a technical presentation to the pulp plant management, and an AACE Class 3 Cost Estimate.

ProU first developed a preliminary Plot Plan installation Scope of Work package. While in South Africa, the owners and ProU met with prospective service providers to present the SOW and develop a relationship. ProU then visited the plant in Swaziland and determined the best way to integrate the 168 GJ/hour steam plant into the existing plant while optimizing existing equipment.

Lastly ProU prepared and presented a technical proposal to the pulp mill senior management at the corporate headquarters. After returning to the US, ProU developed an AACE Class 3 Cost Estimate.

Key Project Responsibilities and Skills

  • Feasibility Study
  • Integrate 168 GJ Hour Steam Plant
  • Plant Cost Estimate



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