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November 1985 Processes Unlimited (ProU) established
December 1985 1st engineering and design project: ARCO Transportation Co. Water Reclamation Facility and ARCO Oil and Gas Truck Loading Facility
January 1989 1st general industry engineering study: UPF Corporation
November 1989 1st chemical engineering and design project
June 1991 1st food and beverage engineering project: Paramount Farms
November 1991 1st International design and engineering project: Occidental Oil and Gas Co., Russia
November 1991 1st offshore (platform) engineering and design project: Unocal Corporation, Platform Henry
November 1993 Processes Unlimited becomes Processes Unlimited International, Inc. a California, USA "C" Corporation.
November 1995 ProU international subsidiary Processes Unlimited de Venezuela, S.A. (Proven) established in Maracaibo, Venezuela to service the local oil and gas community.
March 1999 ProU established a Ventura, CA office to support Alliance Partnership with Torch Energy, a local oil and gas company.
November 1999 ProU becomes a California USA "S" corporation
April 2000 ProU acquires Instrumentation & Kontrol Enterprises, Inc. (IKE), an instrumentation and controls engineering company
February 2001 ProU awarded Business Alliance Partner with Chevron for oil and gas facilities in the Kern River, Coalinga and San Ardo fields.
January 2004 ProU acquires Ginosko Incorporated and The Lyceum Group; Ginosko was a Fresno-based, full-service engineering company primarily in the food and beverage sector and the Lyceum Group was their general contracting arm. Ginosko becomes the ProU Fresno office.
April 2005 ProU established joint venture Memorandum of Understandings (MOU) with the following companies: ManroChem India, IMTS (Gulf Process Co.), Proynca Venezuela, and Al-Rashed of Kuwait.
November 2005 ProU adds E&J Gallo as an Alliance Partner for food and beverage engineering.
January 2006 Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E): ProU signs engineering alliance documents with PG&E supporting the gas transmission and distribution engineering needs for gas compressor stations and pipelines in CA, USA.
June 2006 ProU adds staff from the existing Pasadena office of Bibb and Associates (ex-Ben Holt Group) to form a Pasadena, CA branch.
July 2006 ProU receives recognition award from Chevron Company for operating incident-free for three or more years.
July 2006 ProyncaUSA established as a 49% ProU-owned California, USA-based entity with Venezuelan firm Procesos y Negocios Integrales C.A (Proynca). The company's mission is to serve the small North American producers and independents, as well as provide staffing for ProU international projects.
October 2006 Manrochem Engineering Private Limited (MEL) established, as a 51% ProU-owned "back office" (support office for engineering, drafting and design with main emphasis on international projects) in Chennai, India in a joint venture agreement with ManroChem India Pvt. and Gulf Process Co., WLL, of Bahrain.
June 2007 Processes Unlimited receives "Top 500 Design Firm" award for the first time from Engineering News Record.
May 2008 ProU opens a new office in Walnut Creek, CA to serve clients in the Northern California area.
July 2008 ProU awarded Business Alliance Partner with Roll International Corporation which includes: Fiji Water, POM Wonderful, Paramount Farms, Paramount Citrus
July 2008 ProU acquires Dean Oliver International with office locations in Dallas, Texas and Atlanta, Georgia
August 2008 Processes Unlimited received Inc. 5000 "Fastest Growing Companies" Award
January 2009 Processes Unlimited opens a Ft. Collins, Colorado office to serve clients in the biofuel / bioproduct industries.
November 2010 Processes Unlimited celebrates 25 years of service excellence.
November 2012 Processes Unlimited opens a new office in San Ramon, CA to serve PG&E and additional clients in the Northern California area and to accommodate growth.


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