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Clare Merz   
HR Team Intern
HR Assistant

“My summer internship at ProU was truly a wonderful experience. I not only grew in friendships, but in my knowledge of the business world. I had individuals willing to walk me through new experiences with patience, allowing me to grow to full potential. It has been a work experience I have truly enjoyed."
Jason Denis 

Team Marsh Intern

“My experience here at ProU has been great. I have enjoyed being surrounded by the helpful and knowledgeable people at ProU; they have taught me so much about the practical skills one must apply in the industry. I have been able to shadow engineers out in the field which has enabled me to see hands-on the equipment and how the actual process works. After working here I can see just how the material I learn in school will be applied in the future."

Kimberly Silken 

Team Brittian Intern

“I’ve gained Excel experience, learned how to calculate wet bulb temperature and NPSH, make a plan and profile and create tags/pictures in Navis Works. I’ve enjoyed working with everyone here at ProU. Everyone is positive and willing to help each other despite their busy schedules. I hope to come back to ProU for another summer to see everyone again and learn more."

Mark Saenger
Team Kennedy Intern

“ProU has been a great experience that has given me a wide perspective of how the real world works. They also have gone out of their way to include me in many more aspects of the business than I had imagined. In my short time here, I feel that I have become familiar with a great majority of what the full-time engineers do on a daily basis. Even with their ever-expanding employees and clientele, they still managed to find time to sit down with me one-on-one and make sure I understood the tasks I was given. I know that I will walk away from ProU with knowledge that I can take anywhere."
Robert Hartsock

International Team Intern

“My experience with ProU has been great, of course! I have been here for two summers now. Everybody here is very friendly, funny, and helpful. People here really like what they do and enjoy sharing their knowledge with you. Everyone likes being asked questions, and will go to great lengths to explain/demonstrate how and why things work. Being on the International Team, I have learned a lot about oil production facilities, equipment…everything that makes a plant operate. Basically, this is an amazing place to work. I learned a lot, I made a lot of friends, and most importantly I enjoyed my time working here."
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