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OG Early Production Facility (EPF)

Industry Type: Oil and Gas
Project Description:  Early Production Facility (EPF) Project in Kuwait
Disciplines Involved:  Process, Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation and Controls, Civil, Structural

Detailed engineering was completed in two phases for an Early Production Facility (EPF) in Kuwait. Phase one comprised the EPF and was built under a Build Own and Operate contract. The ownership of these facilities is held by a contractor, who is also responsible for decommission and dismantling of the EPF after the contract expires.

Phase two comprised of engineering for pipeline facilities (trunk lines, oil export pipeline, gas export pipeline, high pressure fuel gas system, production water export and brackish water import pipelines). ProU developed civil and structural designs, procedures for QA of all documentation, and provided engineering support for procurement. 

Key Responsibilities and Skills:

(Including but not limited to)  

  • Primary Oil Dehydration and Slug Handling
  • Oil Heating Using Convective Heaters
  • Secondary Oil Dehydration with Electrostatic Dehydrators
  • Oil Export System
  • Oil Rejection System 

Master Model

OG Water Filtration

Industry Type: Oil and Gas
Project Description:  Water Filtration Plant
Disciplines Involved:  Mechanical, Electrical, Structural

The work consisted of developing the engineering phase (conceptual, basic and detail engineering), and providing support to client during the procurement, construction, pre-commissioning and commissioning phases of a 500,000 BPD produced water treatment plant. The facilities produce water under specifications for injection in diatomite reservoirs for pressure maintenance and EOR. Equipment includes thickener clarifiers, walnut shell filters, induced static flotation cells, pumps, tanks, and related piping, structural, and electrical communication hardware to enable the interaction of the new plant with other facilities.

Water quality control is a new variable being introduced in the operation of this plant. Achieving desired water quality in the filtration plant will assure daily diatomite oil production, meet environmental objectives and achieve objectives of the water flood plant in terms of pressure maintenance and oil secondary recovery programs.

Key Project Responsibilities and Skills

  • Project and Construction Management
  • Concept to Start-up
  • Tie-in-to Existing Plant Processing Systems

OG Dehydration Facility: Wash Tanks

Industry Type: Oil and Gas
Project Description:  Dehydration Facility Wash Tanks

Disciplines Involved:  Mechanical, Process, Electrical, Instrumentation & Controls, Structural

Processes Unlimited recently completed the engineering and design of new wash tanks and associated equipment at a California crude oil dehydration facility. The project consisted of conceptual and detailed design spanning a two year period. The project involved the installation of wash tank technology to avoid retrofitting fired heater treaters with emissions controls, thus saving an operating expense of approximately $0.36 per barrel. The system was designed for both peak and forecast as well as instantaneous surge to meet variable production forecasts throughout the project life. 

The process consisted of two trains with a shared train. Successful startup of Train A was performed in early spring 2009. The process performed at better than required specification (oil cut was less than required 3% BS&W). Startup of Train B is schedule for summer 2009.

Key Project Responsibilities and Skills

  • Engineering and Design
  • Construction and Contractor Support
  • Just-In-Time Design Deliverables
  • Risk Assessment 


OG Pipeline

Industry Type: Oil and Gas
Project Description:  Gas Pipeline
Disciplines Involved:  Mechanical, Process, Electrical, Instrumentation, Structural, Civil, Safety

Project efforts were applauded within the client's organization for this fast-tracked project completed ahead of schedule and under budget. Project provided savings (1.5 year project pay out) to the refinery for a cheaper source of natural gas. Additional DOT safety and compliance support was provided to the client with HAZOP, permitting, OM&E manuals, and Public Awareness flyers.

Key Project Responsibilities and Skills

  • Engineering
  • Design
  • DOT Safety Compliance Services
  • On-site Start-up and Commissioning
  • Project Control


OG Dehydration Plant Upgrade

Industry Type: Oil and Gas
Project Description:  Dehydration Plant Upgrade
Disciplines Involved:  Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation, Structural, Civil, Safety

FWKO's, heater treaters, related tankage, vapor recovery and shipping facilities with 90% of the piping installed as stainless steel.

Key Project Responsibilities and Skills

  • Engineering and Design
  • Procurement
  • Inspection
  • On-site Start-up and Commissioning
  • Construction Safety Support


OG Natural Gas

Industry Type: Oil and Gas
Project Description: Natural Gas Plant Upgrade
Disciplines Involved:  Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Structural, Process Engineering

ProU provided US-based project management, engineering (process, mechanical, civil, and structural) and design/drafting for the upgrade of loading/storage facilities in support of the expansion. The project included expansion of fractionation facilities and addition of gas treating facilities (Sulferox). In addition to engineering and design, ProU provided on-site construction assistance including engineering support, shutdown coordination/planning, and MOC/PSM coordination.

Key Project Responsibilities and Skills

  • Project and Construction Management
  • MOC/PSM Coordination


OG Cogeneration Power Plant

Industry Type: Oil and Gas
Project Description: Retrofit of Existing Cogeneration Power Plant Project
Disciplines Involved:  Mechanical, Civil, Structural, Electrical, Instrumentation & Controls

Processes Unlimited was tasked to complete multi-discipline detailed designs in order to upgrade several existing oil field cogeneration plants in California’s San Joaquin Valley. The existing turbine and control systems utilized technology and control strategies that were available 25 years ago when the plants were built. The new design allows the plant to be in compliance with new emissions regulations, improve reliability, and reduce operating and maintenance costs.  Updating the process equipment and control systems has given the client the ability to monitor critical status points via the existing infrastructure.

Key Project Responsibilities and Skills

  • Development of 3D Models
  • Inter-disciplinary Coordination


OG Power and Steam Cogeneration

Industry Type: Oil and Gas
Project Description: Electrical Upgrade for power and steam cogeneration

Disciplines Involved: Electrical Power

Processes Unlimited recently completed the electrical engineering and design for upgrading the generator protective relaying for several oil field cogeneration plants, for a major oil producing company in California. The replacement of existing electro-mechanical protective relays, originally installed in the mid 80s when the plant was first constructed, was part of a larger project to improve the reliability of an aging plant.  The plants are designed to provide electrical power and high pressure steam for secondary crude oil recovery in the San Joaquin Valley. 

Key Project Responsibilities and Skills

  • Aging components were replaced with electronic systems
  • Electrical demolition and construction drawings created
  • Start-up and commissioning

OG Sulfur Treating Facilities Engineering and Design

Industry Type: Oil and Gas
Project Description: Sulfur Treating Facilities Engineering and Design

Disciplines Involved: Engineering and Design

A California oil and gas company is in the process of installing a new sulfur removal system to reduce the H2S content in their produced gas. For that purpose, two (2) “Hydrocat” beds in a lead/lag arrangement will be installed. The beds will be installed immediately downstream of the two phase separator V-100 and upstream of the Fuel Gas Steam Generator System.

As part of the basic engineering work, Process Hazard Analysis using the “What If” methodology was developed and facilitated by Processes Unlimited staff. In addition, gas dispersion evaluation was developed to support the client risk assessment of the facility.

The installation of the “Hydrocat” beds will increase operational flexibility by allowing operations to meet the H2S specifications for the fuel gas system. The proposed completion target for this project is fourth quarter 2010.

Key Project Responsibilities and Skills

  • Process Design and Basic Engineering 
  • Detailed Engineering 
  • Procurement Support

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